Year 6 Productions

Take a look at some of our end-of-year shows

During their last few weeks at Henleaze Junior School, Year 6 children put on a show.

This is not just an excuse to forget about Literacy and Numeracy after SATS. It is an exciting opportunity to put into practice everything they have learnt to date. Every child is fully involved - whether or not they want to perform on stage. Every aspect of the show requires children with different skills - costume designers, publicists, set builders as well as performers.

We usually put on three performances - one for the rest of the children and two for family and friends. And for those who missed the live action, the videos can be found on our HJSTV Productions channel.

Pirates of the Curry Bean, 2023

Our show this year is a slapstick take on the classic story of Treasure Island - yes there's a treasure map, and there's a pirate with a hook. Or was that Peter Pan? It's a crazy mix up, and a lot of fun!.

The show played to packed houses and received standing ovations on 18th and 19th July 2023. The full film is available for familes to download over the summer holidays.

Here's the link: The password has been posted to Year 6 pupils in Teams and emailed to their parents.

Meanwhile, here's a taster, filmed during rehearsals.

Coming soon....

Gallery - Pirates of the Curry Bean

Shakespeare Rocks

Click the link to watch the full length production and see the photo gallery.

A Midsummer Night's Dream 2021

Click the picture below to go to our full length film of our lockdown production!


Twelfth Night 2019

Click the picture below to see the trailer and if that's not enough, watch the full show on our Twelfth Night page


Aladdin (2018)

Visit the Aladdin production page for photographs, and the full length movie.

Click the picture below to watch the trailer.


Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Following the success of The Lion King, we took on another Disney classic, and gave ourselves our biggest challenge ever!

The Lion King (2016)

Our most stunning show yet, with amazing performances, costumes, lighting, technical wizardry. The full show is available to view on HJSTV.

Olivia (2015)

A musical based loosely on the story of Oliver Twist (but with a twist - the hint is in the title...)

This is a trailer. The full production can be found on HJSTV Productions

We Will Rock You (2014)

One of our biggest ever productions - the West End musical based on Queen's songs, especially adapted for schools. This is an edited version - but there are so many good bits, we couldn't cut it down to under 45 minutes.

The full production can be found on HJSTV Productions

Mum's The Word (2013)

There was such a diverse array of talent in Year 6 in 2013, that no play script could do them justice. Instead, the children put together a Britain's Got Talent style show, featuring singing, dancing, comedy, video and magic.

This is the Opening Number. To see all the acts, visit the Mum's The Word Collection on HJSTV

Pirates Of The Currybean (2012)

There's no excuse really. It is totally corny, slapstick pantomime. Great acting, wonderful singing, colourful costumes and spectacular scenery. What more could you want?

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