Sustainable Living

Learning how to protect the environment


“Education for Sustainable Development allows every human being to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape a sustainable future.” UNESCO, 2014

The HJS Sustainable Living Project

There are three strands to our project:


1.     Educate school community about sustainable life-style choices around food/diet.

2.     Teach pupils how to grow their own food locally.

3.     Partner with school caterers to provide food grown by pupils and partners to our kitchen.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

1.     Reduce the school’s use of single-use plastics and where these are still used have sustainable solutions for recycling them.

2.     Educate school community about the ‘3 Rs’ and how they relate to reducing energy usage and climate change.


1.     Create a more biodiverse outdoor play & learning environment.

2.     Educate school community about the importance of bio-diversity.

Meet the Green Ambassadors

green ambassadors.JPGEach class has elected a representative to help drive our Sustainable Living Plan.

Candidates had to convince their classmates that they care passionately about protecting the environment, and that they have creative ideas about ways to do it. They made posters and gave speeches, and what an amazing crew they are!