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Jul 14, 2017
On Friday 14th of July 2017.   Street Dance performed an outstanding performance to the school taught by a lady called Sophie!  We started off nervously to see if the audience were going to like it or not and because we were worried we…
Jul 12, 2017
Today we made purses and wallets using felt. We learnt how to do back stitch and running stitch. There were some brilliant creative designs!  – Posted using BlogPress from my iPad Location:Class 7
Jul 10, 2017
Today, Jude visited us to teach us how to make origami. It was fantastic. She has been making them for years (more than 30!) She’s also taught in Japan, twice. We had a ball!   We learnt how to make a book, book cover, bookmark and a box, …
Jul 7, 2017
Today in science we continued our PowerPoint presentation about living things and their habitats and some of us learnt about biodiversity. Biodiversity means different animals living in the same place. Here is one slide about biodiversity. It was really f…
Jun 30, 2017
Last week we had a letter from NASA asking for our class to design an animal to live on a newly discovered planet called MAR1. We had to make our animal fit to live on this only the planet. We did a scale to show how big our creature was compared to an ad…

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