Enrichment Projects

Above and beyond the National Curriculum

The Great Egg Race

Takes place every Easter. highlight of the HJS year!


Details of our enrichment week, May 2023

Enrichment Projects at Henleaze Junior School

Enrichment Weeks are an established feature of the curriculum here, in some form or another. We had one to launch the School Grounds Project, back in 2005, an Art Week in 2007, Splash in 2009, Go Wild in 2011, the Festival of Literacy in 2013, the Festival of Reading in 2014, Think Big in 2016 and Let's Play in 2019.

During these weeks, we tend to abandon the normal weekly timetable, mix the children and staff up into different groups, and try out new things together. The most important thing about these weeks is that they are not a "holiday" from learning, they are the an opportunity to learn and practice new skills, to apply prior knowledge, and to develop ideas which can be carried forward into future learning.

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