How to hand your work in

Finding your assignments

Where you click to get to Assignments depends on what type of device you are using. You will always find a link at the top of the General Channel. It might be tucked away in the More menu if the screen isn't wide enough to show all the options. on an ipad, or phone you may also see and Assignments link at the bottom of the screen.

When a teacher sets an assignment, you will get a message in your Chat. If the assignment is going to the whole year group, a message will automatically be posted on one of the channels too. If it's an English assignment, it will probably be posted on the English Channel, Maths on the Maths Channel, etc.

What's in an assignment?

Usually, there will be some brief instructions. Your teacher will probably have given you more detail in the lesson plan or in a live meeting, so you will know what to do.

There might be some resources to help you in the section called Reference Materials. There could be a link to a website - just click on it. There might be a document to read or download. Click on it to view, and then use the Export button at top right to either open it in another App or download it to your computer. You can't edit these documents - if you do, you will have to save them to your device, you won't be allowed to muck them up for other users.

There might be some documents in a section called My Work - these are documents that you can edit yourself. When you save them, no-one will be able to see your edits except you and the teacher.

Underneath these resources will be a button called Add Work. When you click on this, you can either choose a file that you have saved in your One Drive, create a new Word or Powerpoint or Excel document (which will be automatically saved to this assignment) or upload a file from your device. If you've handwritten your work, the easiest way to hand it in is to take a photo of it and upload it directly from the Photos app. If you are working on a computer, you need to transfer the photo to the computer first.

You may also notice the Immersive Reader button. If you click this, you will be able to hear the computer read everything out loud, or if you need to, you can translate the instructions into another language.

At the top, it will tell you when the assignment is due in. in the top right hand corner is a button called Hand In.

What happens after I hand it in?

Teachers can see a list of all the children, and they can see who has looked at the assignmenbt and who has handed it in. Once you've handed it in, they can look at your work, add comments actually on the work, and give you some feedback. They might ask you to take another look at something. They might give you a score, or a team point.

Once they've looked at it, you will get a message in your Chat. you can then go in and look at the assignment to see their comments. Don't worry, no-one else can see this. If your teacher has asked you to make any changes, you may get the option to Hand In Again.

Depending on the type of device you are using, you may have to use the Export button at the top right to open your work in another app to see the comments. You may also want to open up the work you submitted and edit it if your teacher has suggested that it could be improved.