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The School Day

School starts...

... at 8:50am.

When the first bell sounds, children come into school and by the time the second bell sounds at 8:55 they are at their desks, looking at the morning's Thinking Starter, ready for registration.

The morning

During the morning, on most days, all classes have a literacy and a numeracy lesson.

10:40 to 11:00 - Morning break

12:10 to 1:25 - Lunchtime. The long lunch hour allows time for staff to run a number of lunchtime clubs.

The afternoon

There is no break in the afternoon, although classes may stop for a breath of fresh air (especially in Year 3).

3:35pm - Afternoon school finishes. Parents meet their children by the willow tree.

After school

There are many after school clubs, most of which finish at 4:30.

School Uniform

Children have a choice of colours and styles to wear which ensures that they are comfortable and smartly turned out!

Uniform can be purchased at Famous School Branches on Henleaze Road, or you can order directly from their website.

Polo shirts in white or grey, sweatshirts or hooded tops in black, navy or burgundy, trousers, shorts or skirts in grey or black, can be combined into many different ways so that children can both represent the school and maintain their own individuality.

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For PE, children wear T-shirts in the colour of their Team.

Blue for Ravens

Yellow for Kestrels

Red for Eagles

Green for Hawks


Children may choose each day to have either a packed lunch or a school dinner. Some children like to eat school dinners every day, whilst others like to examine the menu first and book their lunches accordingly.

At lunchtime, each year group is called from the playground in turn, and they line up according to whether they have ordered a school dinner or a packed lunch. They sit at long tables, and our Lunchtime Leaders encourage them to eat their food, adopt good table manners, and enjoy the social aspect of dining together without too much noise or mess.

Year 5 children help to keep lunches running smoothly by supervising the trolley where children clear their plates, and sweeping the floor at the end. Year 6 monitors look out for children with excellent table manners and reward them by inviting them to dine at the Posh Nosh table on Fridays.

School dinners

Our catering contractors, Edwards and Ward, provide a choice of hot meals and salad every day. All of their meals are prepared according to the latest nutritional standards, using fresh produce, and avoiding unhealthy additives such as salt and sugar. They cater for any special dietary requirements. very day there at three choices, including at least one vegetarian option, and children can always help themselves to salad. There is always fresh fruit available as well as a dessert choice.

School Lunch Menu

Packed lunches

Children may bring their own packed lunch, or, during the summer season, they may order our packed lunch option.

We ask parents to think about the nutritional content of the packed lunches they provide, but we do not impose restrictions. We encourage children to think about healthy food choices.

Some of our children have food allergies, the most common being nut allergies. We ask parents not to include obvious nut-based products in the packed lunches they provide, but as we cannot guarantee that all elements of every child's lunch will be free of nut traces, we ask children not to share their lunches with their friends.

Attendance and absence

Regular attendance at school is the key to every child achieving his or her maximum potential.

We expect children to arrive on time every morning and be in the classroom ready to work when the second bell goes at 8:55am.

If a child is unwell we ask parents to phone the office first thing in the morning and leave a message on the "absence line". If a child is not present when we take the register and we have not heard from parents, we will follow up with a phone call. If a child is still unwell after a week, we would expect a doctor's note to be sent in.

Planned absence

If parents wish to request a planned unavoidable absence, they can pick up a form in the school lobby or download a form from the Documents page or use the online Absence Request Form.

We do not authorise holiday absence during term time except under exceptional (and we mean exceptional) circumstances. Holidays are not unavoidable!

Term time holiday absence means:

  • Missing parts of the National Curriculum which may be repeated in your child’s school career
  • Disruption for the pupil
  • Disruption for the rest of the class
  • Disruption for the teacher

We ask parents to consider the impact on a class of several children being absent either on the same day or on different days, particularly at the start or end of term when parents may wish to get away early to miss traffic, or return a day late because of the availability of flights, or because they thought it might be an INSET day.

Please note that school will not provide work for children to complete while away from school, save in exceptional circumstances.

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