All about Eagles, Kestrels, Ravens and Hawks

On entry to the school each child joins one of four teams: Eagles, Hawks, Kestrels and Ravens.

Team Points are awarded to children by any member of staff who wishes to reward them for good attitudes, behaviour or achievement. Children are presented with certificates when their personal totals reach 150 (Bronze), 300 (Silver), 500 (Gold), 750 (Sapphire) and 1000 (Platinum) points. Each week, the scores for each team are announced in Celebration Assembly. Events such as Sports Day add more points to the team totals, and a Team Cup is presented at the end of the year.

Meet the Teams

Year 6 classes elect the Team Captains at the start of the new school year. Candidates have to convince their peers that they have what it takes to take on this responsible position.

The team captains are responsible for encouraging team members to work hard towards achieving team points, and we celebrate those achievements at the end of every week by awarding a trophy to the team with the most points.

The first duty the team captains are required to carry out is to run the School Council elections, early in September. They manage the Polling Station on election day, collecting children from classes, making sure they have their voting slips and that they know how to fill them in, and counting the votes.

Throughout the year, team captains may come up with ideas for events to promote a greater sense of team spirit and provide opportunities for teams to work together to secure more points.

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