Learning Topics

The HJS Curriculum - a narrative learning journey

Much of our learning, particularly in the humanities subjects, takes place through enquiry-based topics. Children explore fascinating and challenging themes, gradually building up an understanding of the world and their place in it.

We think of our entire curriculum in terms of a narrative adventure. Children are fascinated by stories, and are adept at jumping forward and backwards in time and place, gradually making more sense as they connect strands together and apply more and more sophisticated skills.

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Year 3 topics

Why our city is a great place to live, learn and work

Iron age, bronze age and stone age

Incredible achievements long ago in Africa

Year 4 topics

Romans and Greeks

Natural features and natural disasters

The impact of our choices on the natural environment

Year 5 topics

Vikings and Anglo Saxons

Voyages of discovery, determination and imagination

Detailed study of an ecosystem

Year 6 topics

Geography and history of "The New World"

Life in a country at war

Learning about people, places and history in the African continent