Diamond Jubilee

In 2012 we celebrated our 60th birthday

APE Project result

Jubilee Artwork

We commissioned APE Project to work with all the children in the school to create a new artwork for permanent display, based on the theme of our beloved willow tree. Every child was asked to find a piece of fabric at home which meant something to them, and to get permission from a parent or carer to cut out the shape of their hand or foot. Working in groups with the artists, they sewed their shapes onto a large backcloth, to form the leaves of a willow tree. The banner is completed with representations of the four teams, Eagles, Kestrels, Ravens and Hawks, and hangs in the school Hall.

While Rachel was working with the children, she recorded the conversations, which in themselves are a fascinating record of the children's early memories and their thoughts about school. We made them into a short film called "Hands".

Jubilee Podcasts

We invited people to come in and record their memories of Henleaze Junior School through the ages. We spoke to local historians, previous teachers and headteachers, and ex-pupils, some of whom have children at the school now, and some of whom were amongst the very first students in the early 1950s.

We've edited the recordings into 4 short podcasts, which you can listen to in any order you like!

Jubilee Tea Party

Tea party

In spite of the threat of rain, we set up tables and chairs in the playground for a Jubilee Tea Party on the afternoon of Friday 5th October.

Many children dressed in period costume and others wore their HJS60 souvenir T-shirts. HENSA provided drinks, and the children provided home made cakes. A Land Army of volunteer mums served the drinks, while the School Councillors served everyone with as much cake as they could possibly eat.

Our local MP, Charlotte Lesley joined the party, as did ex Mayor, Parent and Governor Geoff Gollop. We were also joined by past teachers, Heads, pupils and governors, parents and grandparents who had memories of their time at the school.

You can't see the home made bunting in the picture, because we decided to hang it up inside the school, in case it got blown away or washed out in the rain. But you can see some of our festive balloons!

Jubilee Exhibition


Mrs Atkinson spent weeks gathering together and organising the pictures, documents and artefacts that we found in our cupboards and that people sent in from home. The exhibition was visited by all the pupils, by many parents, and by our invited guests on 5th October. We were honoured to receive the Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Bristol, Councillor Peter Main, who arrived at 11:00, was introduced to each of the School Councillors and then spent an hour touring the exhibits.

On display were class photos, sports team photos and records, registers, diaries, uniforms and event programmes.

We also unveiled the Willow Tree Banner, covered with nearly 400 individual cutout hands.