Year 5 Term 4 week’s 1 and 2

Information texts and marvellous multiplication.

In English we have been looking at information texts; concentrating on the structure and language used. Our grammar focus has been on relative clauses and coordinating conjunctions. 

Our Maths focus has been on multiplication; using the long method to show our working out.

 First you multiply by the ones (as shown on the first line of the answer)

Any tens are carried over to the ten column.

You then multiply by the number in the tens column (as shown in the second line of the answer)

(Not forgetting to write in a zero as a place holder and to acknowledge that you are multiplying by a number in the ten times table.)

Lastly you add up the two answers. 

In Science we have been carrying on with Space. Especially looking at how the plants orbit the sun and rotate on their own axes. 

In our Europe topic we have been using atlases to look at different counties locations and borders. We have thought about how different words and products come from different countries.