Extra curricular clubs and activities

Clubs available from September 2017

This year, Shine After School Club will be offering sports activities at the school, as they have done in the past, but under a new arrangement whereby parents can book places directly with them.

Shine clubs will be available everyday, and there is an option to book an extended session, running until 5:30pm.

School staff will still be running early morning, lunchtime and after school activities, which you can see on the timetable below.

Clubs timetable

Day Time Club Leader Max numbers Years Terms Location
Monday 12:45-1:15 Chess Mr Parr 30 All 1-6 Class 3
Monday 3:40-4:40 Show Choir Miss Slade 40 All 1-4 Hall
Monday 3:40-4:40 Code Club - advanced Richard East 14 All 1-4 Class 1
Monday 3:40-4:30 Spanish Mrs Lopez 15 5&6 1-2 Class 2
Wednesday 8:15-8:45 Wake up and dance Mrs Garrett No limit All 1,2,5&6 Hall
Wednesday 12:45-1:15 Lego Miss Jones 10 All 1,2,3&4 Class 10
Wednesday 3:40-4:30 German Mrs Garrett 30 All 3&4 Class 8
Wednesday  3:40-4:40 Code Club - beginners Andrew Lee 14 All 1-4 Class 2
Wednesday 3:40-4:30 World Explorers - Y4 Mrs Mumford 16 4 1&2 Class 6
Wednesday 3:40-4:30 World Explorers - Y3 Mrs Mumford 16 3 3&4 Class 6
Wednesday 3:40-4:40 Musical Theatre Miss Cutler 25 All 1-4 Hall
Thursday 8:15-8:45 Yoga Miss Breckon 20 All 1-4 Hall
Thursday 3:40-4:40 Orchestra Mr Barber No limit All 1-4 Hall
Friday 12:40-1:20 Calligraphy Mr Heath 24 All 3&4 Class 1
Friday 12:40-1:20 Philosophy Mr Barber 24 All 2-5 Class 10
Friday 12:40-1:15 Lego Mrs Pickett 14 All 1-4 Class 5

How to book places

To book places with Shine, please go directly to their website. Go To Shine

The booking form for clubs run by school staff is emailed to parents at the start of term, and can also be accessed from this page. The form goes live for one week from Friday 8th September at 3:30pm. School clubs start during the week commencing 25th September 2017.

Children can apply for as many clubs as they wish, but we cannot guarantee any places: some clubs are very popular and some have limited availability.

Clubs dates

Sometimes, staff are unable to run clubs due to other commitments. The Calendar shows weeks when clubs will not be running due to events such as Parents' Evenings or residential trips. Parents should consult the Calendar before contacting the office.

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