Back to school

Life after lockdown

It was a rainy day...


Such a shame, after the beautiful summer weather, that the first day back at school was rather drizzly. However, the gloomy weather could not knock the smiles off the faces of the children, who were delighted to be back together in school after nearly 6 months of lockdown. They arrived on time, said goodbye to parents outside the fence, and came in eagerly, ready to return to school life.

IMG_1697.JPGThe classrooms are full again, and there is an energetic buzz in the building. We've adapted the layouts of the classrooms, so that all the children are facing the front, rather than sitting around tables facing each other. Teachers have a zone at the front of the classroom where they can maintain a safe social distance from the children. Each child has their own pack of stationery on their desk, and they have to keep all of their belingings with them in the classroom, as we cannot use the cloakrooms at the moment. In spite of this, we are trying to keep lessons as "normal" as possible, and so far, the children have got stuck into their work with a brilliant attitude. They are following the new rules well, looking after each other and helping us all to stay safe.

IMG_1698.JPGWe've divided the playground into zones. Each year group has their own area, and because we have staggered playtimes, there are only two year groups out at a time. We've organised a rota, so that everyone will get a turn on the adventure playground and on the sports wall. We are treating each year group as a bubble, so children can play with friends from a different class, but not from a different year group. For lunchtime play and for PE lessons, each year group has its own set of play equipment, which is cleaned each day, as part of our plan to minimise the risk of spreading infection.




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