The Return of Year 6

Together again after 2 months in lockdown

This week we invited Year 6 children to come back to school for a couple of days.

It was lovely to see everyone again. Our first priority this week was to make sure that everyone felt safe and happy, returning to a school that is quite a different place from the one we left back in March. Our classes are much smaller - no more than 14 in a room - and each class is not able to mix with any other classes. We are following the guidance that says the most reliable way to avoid spreading the Covid-19 virus is to limit the number of people we come into contact with, and to try and maintain a distance of about 2m between people. This is quite a challenge!

We have divided the Year 6 classes in two - Groups A and B - and then Group C is made up of the Year 6 children who are already attending our Spacious Sunshine School. Over the next four weeks, each group will have 8 days in school, preparing to finish their time in primary school and getting ready to move on to secondary school in September.

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