Think Big

Grow bigger...

We've been thinking a lot about growth mindsets - training the brain, believing in our capacity to learn and achieve.

The Think Big project aimed to get us all using our brains to conduct investigations and solve challenges, and we also learnt more about neuroscience.

We invited scientists from Bristol University to teach us how our brains work, we had the Immersive Theatre showing us how we are connected to our galaxy, and we conducted practical science experiments around the school site.

In addition, we worked with local artists to create some new pieces to display in the school as a lasting legacy of Think Big fortnight. Each year group has created a work on the them of the four values of Freedom, Democracy, Rule of Law and Tolerance of Different Beliefs.

Celebration Evening on Thursday 30th June showcases the work we produce.

Think Big Fortnight

Other videos in the Think Big Collection

On our Vimeo channel you can also see Toxic Spill, Bloodhound and Don't Worry, Be Happy

Think Big