Pie Faced for HENSA

Classes 8 and 9 win the fundraising challenge

It's been a tough year for fundraising, but thanks to their ingenious ideas, our parents' association, HENSA, have raised over £4000 this term! Their latest venture was the Pie Face Challenge. Children and parents donated throughout November and early December, and rapidly exceeded the target of £250, which meant poor old Mr Parr had to submit to being pied. Thinking quickly, they upped the target to £1000, in the hope that Mr Barber would agree to be pied too. Mr Barber felt fairly safe, thinking there was no way we'd raise four times as much money, but unfortunately for him, the HJS community thought differently. A whopping £1364 was raised altogether, and Mr Barber had no choice!

The classes that raised the most money won the privilege of spinning the spinner and watching the events live. Class 9 went first, splatting Mr Parr on Thursday; and on Friday, straight after the Christmas Celebration, Class 8 went to the Hall to enjoy watching Mr Barber submit to the random cream pie of destiny!

Mr Parr would like to point out that it may just be the size of his nose, but the cream didn't quite splatter all over his face... or maybe it was the dairy-free cream? (A special thank you to HENSA for considering dietary requirements.) Anyway, that didn't spoil any of the fun, and he is happy to have a go with a custard tart in the future perhaps. But you'll have to pay for the pleasure...