Let's Play

Enrichment week 2019

During the week commencing 20th May, we celebrated our Music and PE curriculum by organising lots of activities for the children and coming off our usual timetable.

Throughout the week, children enjoyed being creative and physically active: both excellent ways to promote good mental health. The week included Sports Day and an afternoon when children worked with different teachers in mixed age groups, as well as including all of our usual extras: Shine sports lessons, Mrs Goulden's French and German lessons, Mr Coulson's music lessons and Mr Oram's ukulele lessons.

Gallery - Let's Play: Skipping

Gallery - Let's Play: Samba

Gallery - Sports Day

On Monday and Tuesday, each class had a half hour lesson with our visiting skipping expert, Ken Barry.

On Monday afternoon, we'll all gathered to watch a demonstration of skipping skills, and there was an after-school workshop for parents and children.

On Tuesday and Thursday, the school was filled with the sweet sound of drums. Each class took part in a samba drumming workshop with Andy Warn.

You can hear what they achieved in our video clip: in just half an hour, they were performing like experts!

On Wednesday morning, we had our Sports Day.

Between 9:30 and 10:30, children in each class competed in their teams in a circuit of fun games on the field. Parents and carers joined us to watch their children's classes as they moved from game to game.

Between 11:00 and 12:00, we held traditional sprint and relay races. Forty races altogether, enabling every child to participate.

On Wednesday afternoon, teachers organised exciting activities for mixed-age groups of children.

All the children were sorted into 12 groups - three Eagles, three Kestrels, three Ravens and three Hawks - each group consisting of children from years 3, 4 5 and 6.

Activities included art inspired by listening to music, set and costume design for a musical, rounders, frisbee, tennis, mindful movement and music composition inspired by the environment.


Monday Class 7 skipping Class 12 skipping Class 4 skipping Class 8 skipping Class 1 skipping Class 2 skipping Class 11 skipping
Tuesday Class 3 skipping Class 5 skipping Class 9 skipping Class 6 skipping Class 10 skipping    
  Class 11 samba Class 7 samba Class 12 samba Class 4 samba Class 8 samba Class 1 samba  
Wednesday Sports Day Part 1 - team games Sports Day Part 2 - races Afternoon - mixed team activities
Thursday Class 2 samba Class 3 samba Class 5 samba Class 9 samba Class 6 samba Class 10 samba  
          Afternoon - Year 4 ukulele
Friday Year 4 trip to Caerleon


Mixed teams for Wednesday afternoon

Kestrels 1 Kestrels 2 Kestrels 3 Eagles 1 Eagles 2 Eagles 3
Miss Cutler Mrs James Miss Browne Miss O'Neill Mrs Garrett Mr Heath
Ravens 1 Ravens 2 Ravens 3 Hawks 1 Hawks 2 Hawks 3
Miss Jones Mrs Spence Mrs Mumford Mrs Pickett Mrs Smith Mrs Tabley