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Let us know about a suspected or confirmed case in your household

Reporting positive covid results in the holidays

If your child tests positive for Covid 19 in the school holidays, and they were in school 48 hours before they started to experience symptoms, then you must inform the school so that we can identify all close contacts.

This means, if they develop symptoms on Saturday 19th or Sunday 20th December and were in school on Thursday 17th or Friday 18th, then you must complete this form and submit it to us by 24th December at the latest.

If they develop symptoms from Monday 21st December onwards, you do not need to inform the school. in the new year, report absence in the usual way if they are not well enough to return to school or have been advised to isolate.

Please complete this form to report absence due to Covid-19 during term time

Please follow the usual procedure to report children's absence from school: phone the office first thing in the morning and press 1 to report illness, giving brief details of the reason, or complete the Planned Absence form for medical appointments.

You may also phone the office during school hours to report absence due to suspected or confirmed Covid-19. When you phone, our office staff may ask you to complete this form to help us with our tracking of cases.

This form can be used out of hours, and it will be monitored by the senior leadership team so that we can act promptly on any reported cases.


Covid-19 swab test

You are not obliged to provide this information. You may prefer to discuss testing options on the phone.

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