Festival of Reading 2014

There's nothing like a good book

Reading is the key that unlocks another world. A good book can offer so much: from stories that you can become submerged in, to fascinating facts or the answers to the delightful questions children are so good at asking.

The ability to read is only the starting point. How does this develop into a love of reading? Making books readily available is vital. Having the opportunity to pick up an enticing book helps children to have a choice. A range of subject matter to suit all tastes is essential if children are to read for their own enjoyment. This includes texts not only in the traditional book form but in magazines, graphic novels, audio and digital texts.

Author visits

We invited children’s authors into school to inspire children through interactive workshops. On 29th April, we invited families to a celebration of reading in all its guises. Popular children’s author, Jeremy Strong, gave a talk to an audience of parents and children about his own love of reading and how it inspired him to write. During the day, he read from his books to the children and talked about how he bacame an author. There was an enormous queue for autographs!

Learning to read

At our Celebration Evening, children demonstrated to parents many of the ways in which children learn to read. We had demonstrations of the reading schemes that some children use, and examples of electronic readers - Kindles and iPads. Visitors to our Library were able to take a look at the fabulous new stock of books which we bought with a generous donation from HENSA. They were also able to see how the Year 6 librarians run the library, and how the Microlibrarian system is used to encourage a love of reading.