Year 4 cricket

On Monday the 26th of June a group of year 4 children went to Golden Hill sports ground to play a cricket tournament.

Our first match was against May Park. Leo and Thomas were resting for this match. They won the toss and they chose to field. George and Fred opened our batting. In the end we got 326 but you start with 200 runs so we actually got 126 runs. Then we started fielding and we took 7 wickets.

At the end of their batting they had 217 runs. Our next match was against Westbury Park. Fred won our toss and chose to field first. We got 5 wickets and they got 258 runs. Then it was our turn to bat. Our opening pair was George and Freddie again. In the end we got 286 runs.

Our next match was vs St Bonaventures. Jonny and Ethan were resting and Thomas won the toss. Leo bowled first. They got 245 runs. Then it was our turn to bat. Felix and Ethan opened our batting. We got 258 runs. Then it was lunch and Mr Dash told us we were through to the semi-final. In the semis we were up against Elmlea B Team. We got 4 wickets including Tom’s wonderful diving catch. They got 210 runs. Our openers were Leo and Thomas. We got 288 runs. We were through to the final. Ethan was resting because Mr Dash liked the team in the semis. Fred won the toss once again. We chose to field first in the match when George was bowling. The batsman hit his own stumps but he also hit it to Leo who caught it. In the end they got 252. Our opening batsmen were Leo and Thomas.

In the end we got 273. That meant we won. Because we won the tournament we are going to another tournament in Stroud.