Winning story

HJS has another NW24 competition winner

We are so proud of Elora in Year 3, whose story, The Escape, has been declared winner in the Lower Key Stage 2 category in the NW24 writing competition. Scroll down to read her story.

Congratulations also to our school winners: Elora in Year 3, Nilah in Year 4, Polly in Year 5 and Layla in Year 6. You may have read their stories on Open Evening, when they were on display along with the entries for the NW24 art competition. We are looking forward to more NW24 activity next year: there will be a spelling bee, a maths challenge, a bake-off, more art and writing, and a major sports event in the summer.

The Escape

by Elora Haley

It was a miserable, dark autumn day in the middle of the woods. Dead brown leaves scattered everywhere.

I was walking my dog, Toffee, down a long narrow path. We turned a corner and saw an eerie house covered in mould. Toffee started barking loudly. He pulled hard at the lead snapping it before running away. Suddenly, I heard a loud bang all around me that was followed by a heavy hit on the back of my head. Everything went pitch black.

I woke up in a small, dark room and shuddered. There were skeletons all around. I looked down and screamed. There was a bony hand wrapped around my ankle. Just then the door swung open. Standing there was an ugly, short and wrinkly old woman shrieking loudly the terrifying words, "You have five minutes to escape or be left to rot like all the others!" And in an instant she disappeared, the door slamming loudly behind her.

Terrified, I ran to the door screaming, banging and kicking it, trying to get out. It was impossible to open. I tried opening the windows. They were bolted shut. Picking up a chair, I threw it at the window, but that didn't work either. I was really starting to panic. I was feeling very scared. I was trapped!

Looking to my left I saw a hovering egg timer over a table, the sand gently falling. There were several bottles and jars with bubbling blue, gurgling green and popping purple liquids scattered everywhere. Next to them was an open book. I ran to it and saw it was a spell book but flicking through the pages I saw they were all blank except one. It said, “The Saviour Spell.”

Underneath it read, “This spell brings people into the house against their will, releasing you from being trapped.” It all made sense. The old woman was a horrible witch! She brought me into the house so she could escape.

Petrified, I looked back at the egg timer and saw there were less than two minutes left. I fell to my knees and cried my heart out. Looking down, I noticed a gap in the floorboards and tried to pull them apart with my bare hands. I made the gap big enough to squeeze through, putting one leg in the hole then the other. But the egg timer only had a few grains of sand left. There was no time left. There was no hope left. Standing up, I knew what to do. I walked over to the window, opened the blinds and looked out to the woods, waiting.

More than fifty years passed. The reflection was of on alod and wrinkled woman with dull eyes and hair white as snow. She stared out of the window, remembering who she used to be.

It was a miserable, dark autumn day in the middle of the woods. A young girl is walking down the long narrow path…..

…..I smiled.

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