Tri Golf

Year 4 golfers went to St Bede's to play in a tournament.

On Tuesday 13 June, a group of year 4’s went to St. Bedes to play in a tri golf tournament. We did 6 events. Our first event was chipping the ball into a circle. We did a 2 minute practice and 5 minutes real.

Our 2nd game was putting a ball into the cones and then collecting the cones. The green cone was worth 1 point, the blue one was worth 5 points and the yellow one was worth 10 points.

The 3rd game was hitting the ball over a set of blue cones. If you got it over you would try and putt the ball into a half semi-circle, if you got it in you would get a bonus 5 points.

Next, we had to hit some cones in a random order. It was a very tense round because they were all spaced in different lengths.

After that, we had to hit the ball into a hallway of cones but if you hit the ball past the white cones you got 0 points. You also had to hit the ball straight to get marks.

Finally, it was our hardest game because it was the final round. There was a line of cones and we had to hit the cones with the ball but you couldn’t collect them.

The scores are in, in 4th place were Bank Leaze, in 3rd place were Elmlea, in 2nd place were Henleaze and by 12 points, in 1st place were St Bons.