New play area

Extension to the adventure playground

During the summer holidays, we've extended the area of the adventure playground. Now we have an all year round artifical grass surface filling the space between the top playground and the bottom playground. We've taken out the last pieces of old equipment, which were becoming unsafe, and installed some new log forest posts. The whole of the adventure playground has been designed by the children during the last two years. Mr Parr has worked with our Deputy School Councillors, and responded to their requests. They wanted more space to sit and eat their picnic lunches in the summer, and some equipment that would encourage creative play.

Year 3 children have been eating their lunches inside this week, while they get used to their new school, but from next week, as long as the good weather continues, all children who bring packed lunches from home or who order the sandwich option for their school meal can enjoy eating outdoors.

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