An HJS Christmas

An evening of entertainment from three of our after school clubs

On Wednesday, Orchestra, Show Choir and Musical Theatre Club combined forces to put on an evening of entertainment for a packed house of family and friends.

The concert began with a performance by the Orchestra of all the pieces they have learnt this term, kicking off with a tango and ending up with a rendition of White Christmas which the audience enjoyed singing along with. Show Choir performed Frosty The Snowman, and also popped up in the middle of the play to do Sparkle and Shine.

Musical Theatre Club presented the traditional Christmas story of a primary school panicking about preparing for the Christmas play. With a script adapted by Miss Cutler, and with significant contributions from the cast, there were some pretty accurate portrayals of HJS staff members, most notably Sam's Mr Parr, which was almost more like Mr Parr than the real one!

More pics on the Musical Theatre Club page.

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