Crazy Hair Day

Raising money for Children In Need

On Thursday, we were treated to a display of tonsurial creativity.

Children took the chance to do things to their hair that their parents probably wouldn't normally want them to do, and all for a good cause. As well as consuming vast quantities of gel, wax and hairspray, they contributed large sums of money to our Children In Need collection.

We had Christmas trees, glitter, stripes and spots, and a lot of baubles.

The money raised will be added to our collections from Children In Need Day, last night's HJS Christmas performance and from our Christmas Celebration at St Peter's Church on the last day of term.

The bottle and cup must have been the most imaginative hair-do on offer.

The head full of pegs looked as if it could have been quite painful!

I wouldn't like to try and get a comb through some of these wilder styles at the end of the day.

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