Athletics report

Our athletics team went to the University of Bath.

On Wednesday the 5th of July, a group year sixes and one year five travelled to the University of Bath to take part in an athletics tournament that consisted of four events: the 600 metres, the 75 metre sprint, the standing long jump and the vortex throw.

After the opening ceremony, we made our way down to the field where the competition was to be held. Our first event was the 600m and the boys started Henleaze going with Nicholas finishing in 1 minute 53 seconds and the rest of them finishing 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th at around 2minutes 10 seconds. Next up, were the girls who (just like the boys) performed excellently and took the top spot. This time it was Aryana that won with a time of 2 minutes 3 seconds and all the other girls finishing a few seconds behind. We had a break after, so we took the chance to regain our energy in the hot weather; at that point Mr VJ promised us that if we won he’d get us Mcflurries. Now we were ready to take part in the next event.

Following the 600m, we had the vortex throw: we were hoping to equal our success in the run. There were 4 coloured zones – red being the best distance. Only two people from other schools that we saw had made it to the red area. We were wanting to have many more than that. The boys started first again with Nick P getting the furthest and Nick Y coming close behind stealing second with 33.3m. Unfortunately the technique that we had practised was disallowed by the scorers so Aryana wasn’t able to throw as far as she could but still managed to get a great distance with 36.6m. As well as her, the other girls also bagged us some points by throwing it into the blue zone- the next furthest zone. Overall, a great outcome for Henleaze.

The 75m sprint was next to come so we headed down the field to the start. Headley Park were our biggest rivals as they had beaten us before in other sporting competitions and they were showing it here as well. Every sprint was very close with Henleaze and Headley Park battling it out for victory. Gemma came out on top in her race and was the fastest of the girls. Jai also ran a great race with a time of 10.9 seconds. However we still had the standing long jump to go and as we knew our rivals were close to us on points, everything was still to jump for.

Another break with a practice standing long jump and the real thing was underway. The boys were up first with Nick P jumping 1.96m and Jai excelling with 2.06m. After a few unfortunate disqualifications by stepping over the line, we were finished. The girls did great as well as Phoebe S managed to jump a whopping 2.08m. Mr Dash handed in the results and all that was left to do was wait. 15 minutes later the totals were in and we were called over to find out where we had come. In second place was Headley Park and we had come out top. Nick P then won the boys individuals and Aryana did the same but for the girls. Phoebe S did really well snatching 3rd place comfortably.