Key messages from the Year 6 team.

So the time is at hand, time to show what we are truly made of, with protractors, pens and persistence we will face the mighty SATs!

The children have worked unbelievably hard, not just in the last few weeks but thorughout their time at HJS and we are immensely proud of them. Whatever the results of the SATs, we know they will all go on to their next schools ready for the next challenge. There are things we and you can do to make next week as successful and stress-free as possible. Make sure children have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend and get to bed early next week. They need a big breakfast and to arrive at school on time, with their water bottle and lots of energy! We will make sure we have relaxing and productive afternoons in school and will encourage children to run around and enjoy their breaks.

Best of luck Team Y6 - We know you can do it!