Year 5 update W/C 13.11.17

IMPORTANT - Lots of notices/information this week.

This week we have been starting to research our planets and have continued to practise our grammar skills, including fronted adverbials. In maths, all classes have been looking at fact families. Could you give all 8 facts to go with the following question?

32-11 = 21

And could you answer this question?

21 + ? = 32 (what calculation would you need to use here and could you use the bar model to help you?)


In English we will be continuing our work on researching the planets and turning this research in to an information text. (Please see below for research homework).

In Maths we will be continuing to practice our addition and subtraction particularly focusing on word problems and problem solving questions. We will be starting to think about multiplication and division so please make sure your times tables are well practised.

Our spelling pattern is Silent T.


Planets research

Please research your chosen planet at home. All research has been started in school but we would love you to all find out some more information about your planets ready for next week. 

The website is really useful and provides useful questions for the children to find answers to. 

You can also find books in the library. 


Viking research

Over the next few weeks children will be researching an element of Viking life. Your child’s teacher will send this home when the class are ready. Not all classes will be doing this in the same week.


Dean Field photos

Find the photos here

Orange words

Please continue to practice your ORANGE WORDS. Although we test these in school, we really need the children to learn them at home. You can find these in the back of the green log books or here: