Year 5 Update - 8/1/18

Welcome back.

Happy New Year! 

We have had a busy three days back in school this week jumping straight in to Maths and English with most of us looking at multipying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 and thinking about how to use subbordinating and coordinating conjunctions. 

Can you remember what FANBOYS and A WIDE BUS stand for?

This week: 

English - We will be looking at VCOP (conjunctions, interesting vocabularly, sentence openers and making sure we use the correct punctuation). 

Maths - We will be focussing on multiplication methods. 

Spellings - We are on unit 6 where our spelling pattern is words ending in -ent.

The rules are that if the word has a qi ti or ci before our focus sounds then it will SOMETIMES end in -ent. If the word has a soft c or soft g then it will ALWAYS end in -ent (rather than -ant). 


Children are now being exposed to the Year 5 orange words (found below) in class. These can also be found in the back of your green log books. The words in red are repeat words from the Yr3/4 list but wil be tested again. Any Yr3/4 orange words that children are still finding a little tricky will need to be continued to practised at home. Your child should know which these are.