Year 5 Update 28.6.2018

What we've been up to this week

Apologies for the radio silence, it has been a busy few weeks at Henleaze Junior School! We had a fantastic Sports Day last Thursday, with everyone really getting in to the team spirit and supporting the racers in their house. We all look forward to rolling our sleeves up and getting involved on Wednesday morning next week, when there will be loads more activities for EVERYONE to get involved with.

On Monday, the children were very excited to spend the afternoon with their new teachers (and the teachers to spend some time with their new classes!) on shuffle up day. Everyone came back very enthusiastic and looking forward to moving up to year 6 next year. Class 4 went to Class 1 with Mr Heath, Class 5 went to Class 2 with Miss Slade, and Class 6 went to Class 3 with Mrs Spence and Mrs Sormani. 

In assembly this week, some children from each of the classes in year 5 helped Miss Macadam to show all that we were doing in our capoeira classes last half term. They demonstrated all of the kicks and blocks we leanrt, as well as teaching the rest of the school as song for them to sing during our Roda. They were fantastic-and all the other year 5s in the audience really helped by clapping in time and singing the songs to support the children on stage. It was filmed my HJS TV, so keep your eyes peeled and you should be able to see a bit of what we did on the website very soon.

Literacy-We have started to look at a new way of story telling over the past couple of weeks, by looking at film. the children have been analysing how we can build characterisation using 'show not tell' on film, just like we do in our descriptosaurus work.

Maths - We have moved on from 2D and 3D shapes to start looking at grids, using co-ordinates to plot shapes on a grid, as well as reflecting and translating them.