Year 5 Update 26.4.18

What we're up to this week

This week we had a great start to the week by visiting Badminton School, and meeting the illustrator Korky Paul. He showed us how he comes up with his fabulous pictures, and some of us have had a go at creating our own illustrations in his style!

English – We have finished our work on diary entries and will be moving on to looking at persuasive texts.

Maths – This week we are looking at decimals to 3 decimal places, and how to round decimals to the nearest whole number, and tenth, for example 3.17 would be rounded up to 3.2 to the nearest tenth, and rounded down to 3 to the nearest whole number.

Spelling – We have moved on to unit 11 words in our spelling books, with the –tious suffix. 


It is Europe Day on Monday, children should make sure they bring in their countries research page by Monday, so that they can use this information to make their top trumps cards.

Year 5 presentations on ‘It’s good to be me’ are starting this week, and we’re looking forward to finding out about the unique things that make each child happy to be them! Please check the letter which went out at the end of last week for further details.