Year 5 Update 17/05/18

What we've been up to this week

We closed last week with a fantastic visit from ‘Street Law’, who came in to teach us about the criminal justice system in this country, by putting Goldilocks on trial! Children in each class were given roles to play, and had a lot of fun putting the wigs on to be lawyers, or police helmet for PC Plod. We heard the charges against ‘the accused’, cross-examined the witnesses, listened to closing statements from the defence and prosecution lawyers and voted as a jury whether Goldilocks was guilty or not guilty. This lead to some really interesting discussions (using some very technical language-criminal damage, precedent, criminal intent). We learnt a lot about how the criminal justice system works, and who does what in the courtroom (the children were disappointed to find out that, as the jury, they didn’t have the power to decide Goldilocks’ punishment-that power rested with the judge!).

English – We have been preparing for assessment week next week and looking at reading papers together, to share our ideas of how best to find the answers in a text.

Maths – This week we have learnt how to find a percentage of an amount, such as 10% of 70, and using that to help us find 20%, 60%, even 85%. We have recapped on multiplying numbers by 10, 100, 1000, and remembering the role place value has in all of these calculations.

Spelling – We are continuing on unit 12, looking at –tial/cial suffixes, and each class will be working on their own current orange words.


Next week will be assessment week, to help us find the children’s next steps as we come towards the end of the year.