Year 5 Update 16/10/2018

What we've been up to this week

Literacy-We are continuing with our work on explanation texts this week, looking at how they are set out, and starting to use note taking skills to gather the information we need to write our explanation of the water cycle.

Spelling- We are starting a new spelling pattern this week, looking at words ending in -able. Please remind your children that they should be practising anywords they have noted down in the green log books.

Maths- Moving on to our new focus of addition and subtraction, this week the children are starting to use column addition to add 4 digit numbers. They can use their place value knowledge to help them set out the number correctly in the columns, and will need to be careful when crossing tens (ask your child to explain this to you-it can get quite tricky!).


It's Parents' Evenings this week, which means we will get to talk to you in person (wowee!) about how your child is settling in to year 5, and answer any questions you may have. Please make sure you are on time for your appointment, as we have a very tight schedule to stick to. We will do our very best to stick to the 10 minutes per appointment, so as not to keep other parents waiting. Please don't get frustrated if we have to cut the meeting off, as we can't get behind, but we can happily arrange another meeting at another time after half temr, if we there are things we were unable to cover in the allocated time. The year 5 team looks forward to seeing you this week!