Year 5 update 03/05/2018

What we're up to this week

Another exciting start to the week this week, with Europe day on Monday. The children used their research homework to complete ‘Europe Top Trumps’ and had a great time comparing different European countries’ rivers, populations, life expectancies… We also learned some traditional Portuguese dance moves, and had a chance to try our hand at impressionist painting in the style of Monet.

In capoeira this week we had our first roda, where the children sang some traditional capoeira songs, whilst two children played in the middle of the roda. If they would like to practise these songs at home, you can search for the on youtube as ‘ahora essa’ and ‘la lauê’.

English – For these last few weeks (and some of us even longer!) we have been using a descriptosaurus to help us with our descriptions. One lesson a week we plan, write and edit a short description of some kind, and the children are really improving their composition and editing skills. They are producing some beautiful pieces of writing!

We are also starting to look at persuasive texts, looking at where we might see them, and how they get us to change our minds.

Maths – This week we will be moving on from rounding to ordering decimals, using our knowledge of place value to help us.

Spelling – We are finishing unit 11 in our spelling books, with the –tious suffix, and each class will be working on their own current orange words.


Year 5 presentations on ‘It’s good to be me’ will be continuing for the rest of this term. Children have had the opportunity to sign up for their preferred week, and we look forward to finding out about the unique things that make each child happy to be them!