Welcome meeting notes

Please find the presentation used in this years Welcome meeting.

Click below to find notes from this year's meeting. 

The main points to relay are:

  • Children need to read three times a week. This is then recorded in their new planner on the day of the week they read. For example on Tuesday they might write 'Harry Potter. Pages 13-42.' At the end of the week this is signed by the parents as confirmation that what they have written is correct. Parents don't need to comment on their child's reading in the planners and we allow children to read alone (yet still encourage them to read aloud to an adult regularly). Planners need to be in school every day. 
  • Spelling log books live with planners and go home and then back to school every day. 
  • The blog will be the point of contact for any notices, including what the children are being taught that week in maths, english and spellings. 
  • Please communicate with teachers through the planners or by making an appointment through the office. We are happy to meet parents but due to clubs and meetings we can't always see you without a meeting. 

Presentation from welcome meeting