Welcome Back!

What's coming up in the next week

Happy 2019 everybody! We hope you had a wonderful, relaxing time over the holidays, and are ready to jump straight back into a jam packed term!

It's all about the Vikings over the next couple of weeks, as we prepare for our Viking assembly on Friday 25th January (I'm sure all you parents have the date in the diary already!). We have begun to rehearse the songs in class, and some children will have had words to practise over the holidays as well. Please ask for a sneak preview of the songs from your children-they should be familiar with all the songs now, and will need to be practising them at home, as some of them can get quite wordy.

On Monday 14th January, we will be having a visit from a Viking Man, who will be coming to teach us loads about how Vikings lived and fought, amongst other things. Children are encouraged to come to school in costume for this, please check the letter, and pictures from last year's visit in the year 5 hub, for inspiration. If you have not yet paid for the visit, please stop in at the office after school by the end of the week, as there are still a few payments outstanding.

Literacy-In literacy this week, we are starting to look at the poem 'The Magic Box', and will be looking to create our own version of this by using different poetic devices such as alliteration, similes and metaphors. 

Maths-In maths we are starting a new unit on multiplication and division, focussing on multiplying 4 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers, for example, 4532 x 4. As we are looking at multiplication at the moment, it goes without saying that times tables knowledge will be really important to help children access this part of the curriculumn. Please support your child at home if they need a little extra practice with their times tables, it really will go a long way in class!