Weekly update 28/02/2019

What we've been up to

What a first week back! It has been a busy old week here at Henleaze Junior School, and in year 5 we kick started our term with some fantastic first aid training with one of our lovely Henleaze parents, Dr Younger, and a group of fabulous volunteer helpers. The children learnt what they should do if they saw someone in need of help, and as well as practising CPR on dummies, had the chance to try out a defibrulator and epipen. It was a great afternoon of learning, and I'm sure all the children came home and taught you how to use 'Baby Shark' to save someone's life...!

Literacy-We are learning to put speech in our writing this week, using the correct punctuation inside the inverted commas, coming up with as many interesting words for 'said' as we possibly can, and adding some action and description to really add value to what is being said.

Spelling-We are onto a new unit now, looking at the ending -ence. 

Maths-Continuing our work on fractions, we have covered how to change improper fractions into mixed numbers, eg 13/5 = 2 3/5, and back again using our times tables knowledge. We are now looking at adding fractions with the same denominator together, eg 3/7+2/7=5/7.