Weekly Update 14/02/2019

What we've been up to this week

First of all, thank you for your patience whilst a few technical issues were sorted out, allowing us back on to the website. Now we're back up and running, let's fill you in on all the exciting things we've been doing this half term!

Following the success of our Viking assembly, (thanks to all the parent support in learning lines, songs, and putting together all the wonderful costumes!), we have put the Viking topic to bed, and have moved on to our new topic of Eastern Europe. This will give us a very unique and interesting opportunity to explore some lesser know parts of our continent, whilst keeping an eye on the ups and downs of our current political conundrum, ie Brexit. The children have all been given some research homework on 4 European countries, to be completed by the 4th of March, in preparation for our Europe Day later on in the term.

Literacy - We have just started looking into mystery story writing, and have been reading some very tense texts to pick up on how to create an air of mystery in our own writing...The children will be learning how to integrate speech into their writing so that it moves the story on, and also creating a tense atmosphere using figurative language and talking about the senses.

Spelling - Coming up to half way through the year, we are half way through our spelling patterns, now finishing looking at the pattern -ent. Over half term, it would be fantastic if the children could practise ALL of the patterns we have covered so far, so that they don't forget all the patterns we covered as far back as October.

Maths - We have started a rather large topic of fractions, starting off by learning how to recognise and make equivalent fractions. As with short division and long multiplication, times tables will become very useful  as we progress further, so keep dropping these in wherever you can!