Term 5, week 2 fantastic home working

Year 5, week 2 of Term 5

Wow!! Well done everyone for getting through our first week of term 5 using our home learning platform. We have seen some fantastic work from brilliant Maths problem solving to photos of your scrumptious, home made chocolate cakes. Yum!!
It has also been great to have a chat with some of you and find out what you have been doing and how you have found the work that we have set you. Don't worry if you haven't received a phone call yet, your teachers are working their way though their classes and they will get to you in the next few weeks. (If you think that we do not have an up to date telephone number it would be helpful if your parents could send a correct one in an email to your class teacher)

It has been great to get work from so many of you and we can't wait to see what you do next week. If you are yet to email in your work, don't worry, just send a photograph or upload your document and attach it to an email, which you can send to your class teacher at:


*= your class number.

Week 2

This week we will be looking at direct speech in English and how to punctuate it.

In Maths we will be continuing with fractions and decimals and we have some fantastic Science, Art, MFL and R.E lessons for you to try out too.

Click on this link for Week 2 term 5

Here is a taste of some of the amazing things that year 5 have been doing this week:

Josh in class 4 has been entertaining his street with his piano practise. 

Stanley in class 5 has made an amazing Lego creation.

Here is a board game based on ancient warring factions.

We love seeing what you are cooking and baking- here is a beautiful chocolate cake made by a Hazel in class 4. Delicious!!