Update 10/05/2018

What we've been up to this week

In capoeira this week, Miss Macadam brought in her berimbau to show everyone one of the traditional capoeira instruments. We learnt a new song, ‘pra lhe ve’, and a new kick called ‘queijada’. I look forward to seeing all these new moves and songs in the roda next week!

English – We are continuing our work on persuasive texts, finding persuasive language and techniques in different texts. We’ve also had good fun playing some persuasion games, such as ‘try to convince your partner-a rabbit-to go to tea with a fox’. It really gets the children thinking about how to be persuasive.

Maths – This week we will be looking at percentages and their equivalent fractions and decimals.

Spelling – We have started on unit 12, looking at –tial/cial suffixes, and each class will be working on their own current orange words.


It’s the May Fair this Saturday, we look forward to seeing lots of you having fun and taking part this weekend!