Tremendous term 6

After a relaxing half term we return to our home learning.

Welcome to term 6 Year 5.

Hopefully you have had a bit of a relax, enjoyed the sunshine over half term and are ready to get going again with your home learning. 

The plan does look a bit different as instead of using White Rose for our Maths plans we will be linking with BBC Bitesize. Therefore you will not be able to jump ahead as the resources are only avalible from the planned day.

Term 6 week 1 plan

Some of your teachers will also be in school from next week teaching year 6 or the Sunshine school so they may not be able to get back to you as soon as they have been doing. However they still really love seeing your work so keep emailing in. 

Have a lovely week and thank you to everyone who has shared work with us,

Here is Harry in Class 4's beautiful toucan.

Esme in class 4 really enjoyed her Science work and created this fantastic poster. 

Jamie in class 5 really enjoyed this art lesson.

It is also lovely to see some of the other things that you have been doing at home. Here is Rosie in Class 5 showing off her cooking,