Term 5 -Week 2

What we've been learning

We have all had such a busy week this week and been trying to squeeze as much learning as possible out of the children in such a short term. Classes have started their Rainforest topic and all had a go at learning some tennis skills on Wednesday. 

English - We have been continuing our revision on all things SPaG. Some classes have been looking at determiners and pronouns and we have otherwise been meeting the needs of the class and revising what they feel appropriate.

Here is the link to a great Youtube video about determiners:

Children have also been looking at reading comprehensions and working in pairs to answer questions on the text. 


Spellings - We are looking at the shus sound witht the spelling -cious and -tious. 


Maths - We have been looking at converting fractions to decimals and recognising numbers with up to 3 decimal places (thousandths). Children have also had the chance to practice their arithmetic skills and have had a go at answering a range of reasoning questions based on lots of the curriculum that we have covered so far.