Term 5 Week 1

What we've been learning

Welcome back after a lovely Easter break. Even though it has been a shorter week, we have managed to squeeze lots of learning in.


Literacy - We have had a big focus on SPaG and reading comprehension this week. We have looked at recognising different vocabulary in a piece of text and how we could find the definition of a word we are not sure about by looking at it in the context of the sentence or paragraph or by finding words within the word. For example -  'The film's tragic ending put us in a melancholy mood'. What would the word melancholy mean in this sentence? Can you find a synonym for melancholy? 


Maths - We have been looking at decimals. We have been able to partiton a number with two decimal places eg 0.34 = 0.3 + 0.04 and have been reminding ourselves how to use place holders. Classes have also been doing lots of practice of arithmetic and reasoning questions as starters. 


Spellings - We have been looking at words ending in -ant, -ance and -ancy and some classes have moved on to look at words ending in -cious. 

Remember to practice your orange words too.