Update Week 2 - Home working.

Update 23/3/20 Lots to do!

Dear Year 4 and families! How are you?

We hope that this blog finds you well. 

We miss you all very much and hope that you are being safe, creative and curious about your learning in your new home environment :-)

You are all doing so well, we know, so keep it up!

We are hoping that you have enjoyed some of the learning challenges we have put on the blog, which you can go back to at anytime if there are things you haven't yet tried.

We will be updating this blog each week to keep you up-to-date and with more ideas and activities for you to attempt. 

Activities/ Challenges

*It's great to start your day with a bit of exercise as it's important to keep your body active, your brain thinking and get that heart of yours pumping! Joe Wicks helps with his daily 1/2 hour HITT training (High-Intensity Tactical Training) on YouTube. Remember to ask an adult and use the internet safely! Joe Wicks


*Everyday, Soundcloud are running a live radio hosting many different hosts. Have a listen to Pie Corbett's - 'The Wasp' and look for other things you may enjoy  Pie Corbett- The Wasp 

Can you come up with your own poem using descriptive language to describe an object or insect. Listening to the poem, can you identify any: adjectives, verbs, adverbs or similes. Organise the word classes into a list/table.


*Have a paper aeroplane competition in your home/ in the garden. Compare different designs and see how well they fly and land. Can you explain what made one travel further than the other, why? What do you think makes a great design, why?


*You could have a go at practising your self-portrait skills and maybe try and draw a member of your household. Do you remember the steps? Gently create lines on the ‘’face’’ so you can easily rub them out.

*Spelling- Practise our orange words using: Little Bird Spelling great fun too.

*Times tables up to 12 Times Table Practise

At the end, make a note of any mistakes you’ve made. Take ownership of your mistakes as they are proof of trying! J ‘’I ate and I ate and I was….? Sick on the floor (Eew!)’’ 8x8=64


*This is something I’ve been doing with my daughter, Adinika (Adi)! Such an enjoyable thing to do, listening to the sounds of birds, with tea and toast. J So relaxing and peaceful; makes you more appreciative too! Wild Challenge

Can you also identify the birds? Bird Song

Don’t forget to hit: ‘Completed activity,’ once you have.

The RSPB have lots of games and activities you can do. Have a look and let us know which ones you tried and if you liked it/them and why? RSPB Games and Activities


*Now you’ve spent all of that time with those birds you can make a pine cone feeder. Great for recycling and giving a little something back to nature linking nicely to our Year 4 topic ‘Our World, Our Future!’

Pine Cone Feeder

*Have a look at this for Information texts. Information Text Choose an animal you’d like to research and create your own information text. You could add some interesting/ fascinating facts, pictures, activities, or a ‘did you know box!’ Careful punctuation and don’t forget to include sub-headings.

*Visit The Literacy Shed Literacy Shed  Watch the first clip on the left about La Luna. Then answer by brainstorming and recording your ideas about:

Who the characters are?

What’s their relationship with one another?

What are they waiting for?

What are they doing?

What do you think will happen?

Now watch the second clip, on the right and answer:

-What happened after the first clip?
-Where have the stars come from?
-What will happen next?
-Can you describe the boy's feelings?
-What do they do with the stars?

You could have a go at writing instructions for how to catch a star or write a poem about the night sky and shooting stars.


Remember that you can send your work into your teachers’, using your class email address. We want to hear from you all.  


Take care Year 4 and families. Keep up that hand washing and staying indoors. If you must go out remember,- keep your distance! J


Smiles from Mrs James, Mrs Adcock, Mrs Garrett and Mrs Tabley.