Term 6 Week 3


News flash!


On Tuesday, 16th July we will be celebrating the year and our incredible Romans topic with Toga Tuesday. As a year group, we will be meeting, sharing food and drinks and dressing up Roman style! There's no need to buy costumes take out your Greek play toga or use a bedsheet. 

As part of our Roving Romans topic, Year 4 is planning an afternoon of Roman relaxation, board games and entertainment on Tuesday 16TH July. 

There will be time during the afternoon for children to graze on delicious nibbles brought in from home. 


We would like to ask for your help to make the afternoon one to remember.  Please can your child:


  • Bring in a ‘toga style’ costume to wear during the afternoon. This need not be elaborate, e.g. a plain white t-shirt with a tie at the waist can be made to look like a Roman tunic. Feel free to accessorise- or not! Some of you may want to wear your costume from the Greek assembly.


  • We would also like the children to bring in a small plate/tub of Roman style snacks for themselves. Two or three things are fine. We won’t have time for a huge banquet!  Here are a few ideas:  Grapes, bread, dates, olives, fruit and raisins.  No nuts or stuffed dormice, please!


  • A board game to play as the Romans were very keen on them. No electronic games, please. You could even make a Roman game.


  • Lastly, children may bring a cushion to lounge on. 


Maths and English

This week we have been learning about coordinates and translating shapes on a grid.

In English, we have been continuing with our stories from other cultures.


This week we are looking at adding 'ir' to words beginning with r: irregular, irresistible and irresponsible

Orange words 












We will be having an end of year assessment on all 64 orange words next week so spend some time practising the ones your child finds tricky, over the weekend.